Vision Board Workshop 

Create a Vision for Your Life! 

VisionBoardWhat is a Vision Board?

We all know how life gets busy and time flies by. Before you know it another year passes and you’re thinking of all the things you didn’t get to. A vision board helps you stay focused on your goals and aspirations and provides a gentle reminder and motivation to accomplish them.

Whether it’s achieving a specific goal, changing habits, or finding a relationship, creating a vision board helps you visualize the things that will get you to where you want to be.

Creating a vision board helps you stay focused throughout the year. If you keep it in a place where you’ll see it every day you’ll have a constant reminder of what’s important in your life and what you should be focusing your daily activities on.

It’s a great way to reset your life’s course, and although most people make them at the beginning of a year, they’re a great activity to do in celebration of a significant life event such as a birthday or wedding, or even after a divorce. Book a workshop and invite your friends, and they’ll be thanking you for helping them get their life back on course. 

VisionBoard-1Vision Board Workshop Details

Duration: 2.5 hours, minimum of 5 people, maximum of 12.

Location: Workshops can be held at a yoga or retreat center, in your home, or at your place of business. If you’d like to host a workshop please fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you to answer any questions and discuss scheduling a workshop.

Objective: The objective of this workshop is to inspire participants to create a vision for their future and develop a tool to help realize it. We all have things that we want for our lives, and using images to create a visualization is a powerful way to stay focused and help with the realization of our desires.

A Vision Board Provides:
Focus, clarity, inspiration, affirmation, visualization, manifestation

Cost: $25/person. If you host an event and get at least 5 additional participants, your participation is free.

Making a Vision Board

A vision board is made by using inspiring images and sayings from magazines and arranging them on a poster board as a visual representation of your aspirations. Keeping your vision board in a location where you’ll see it on a daily basis will provide a constant reminder of the things you want to manifest for your future.

You can participate in the group or find your own corner and have your own experience. When done in a group it can be a very supportive experience as people share their thoughts and desires.

What the Workshop Includes

All the materials below are included, although it’s helpful for participants to bring a few of their favorite magazines. You can even start clipping things in advance and bring them to the workshop. I’ll guide you through the process of arranging your board into your personal vision, and we’ll also have a discussion about the best places to put your vision board.

Sometimes, even when a vision board is kept in plain view, over time you stop noticing it. To help it catch your eye you we suggest embellishing it with bright colored yarns or tapes. Adding texture and color can help make it more visually appealing and easier to notice. For example, you may want to frame an image with colored tape or add a yarn design around an important phrase.

Each workshop begins with a ceremony using sage and sweetgrass to remove any negative energy and create a positive environment for creating your vision board. Once your board is complete you’ll also have the opportunity to receive an individual ceremonial blessing to celebrate embarking on a new journey guided by a new vision. By adding your personal energy and intention it will become a part of you, an extension of your being, and reflect your desires on a daily basis.

Materials provided: 

Poster board
Glue sticks
Colored markers
Colored tapes
Colored yarns
Sage and sweetgrass for the ceremony

For additional information please contact Susan or call (603) 548-3701.