Healing Hoops Workshop 

Create your own custom Healing Hoop to help you exercise, stay spiritually centered, and live your life with intention.

Healing Hoops Workshop Details

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on the number of participants.

Number of Participants: Minimum of 6, maximum of 12 works best. Contact me if you have other needs. 

Cost: $50/person (If you host an event and get at least 6 additional participants, your participation is free.)

Location: Workshops can be held at a yoga or retreat center, in your home or at your place of business. If you’d like to host a workshop please fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and discuss scheduling a workshop. 

A Few Things You’ll Learn

In addition to creating your personal circle of energy, the Healing Hoops Workshop is an educational experience, too. You’ll learn the basic properties of various crystals, herbs and other contents that go into your personalized hoop and I’ll help you select the appropriate things based on your needs. 

A Ceremonial and Spiritual Experience

It’s more than just making a hula hoop! It’s a ceremonial process and spiritual experience where you’ll customize your Healing Hoop by choosing personal colors, adding selected crystals, herbs, intention and other objects that are meaningful  to you to create your own circle of healing & nurturing energy. For example, in addition to crystals and herbs, people have included things like ashes of a loved one, or fur from a beloved pet, etc. It can also include a formal smudging ceremony, performed individually or as a group, to ensure we start with a room full of good energy as you add your personal selections to the hoop. 

Healing Hoop

Healing Hoops contain your hand selected crystals, herbs, and any other personal contents you want to add to your circle of energy before it’s assembled and decorated to your preference. You’ll learn about the various healing properties of crystals and herbs, and the colors you select also have meaning.

Your Personal Circle of Energy

When you step into the circle, you step into its energy. Your Healing Hoop creates your personal circle of energy. It helps to relieve stress, provides exercise, and with every use you’ll be reminded of and surrounded by the positive energy it was created with. Using a Healing Hoop can also be a very meditative experience, and each time you use your hoop not only are you being blessed by the prayers and intentions you created, but you’re also sending them out into the world. Just watch out for the lamps!


Contrary to popular belief, hula hoops were not invented by Hasbro. In ancient Greece they were used as a form of exercise. In the early 1300’s hooping made its way to Great Britain, and in the 1800’s it was British sailors who coined the phrase “Hula Hoop” after landing in Hawaii and seeing the Hula dance. Japan once banned them because they felt the rotating hip action was an indecent act.

According to Wikipedia, the Native American Hoop Dance used hoops made of various materials in a form of storytelling dance. They incorporated anywhere from one to 30 hoops as props to create both static and dynamic shapes representing various animals, symbols, and storytelling elements. The dance is generally performed by a solo dancer with many hoops.

Before it was known and recognized as the common colorful plastic toy (sometimes with water inside the actual hoop), it used to be made of dried willow, rattan, grapevines, or stiff grasses. Even though it has existed for thousands of years, it is often misunderstood as being invented in the 1950s.

What You’ll Get

The workshop fee includes all basic hoop materials, including professional-grade tubing, select crystals, herbs and other contents, as well as a ceremony to clear away all negative energy (from the environment, materials, participants, etc.) and add your own positive energy and intentions to create your personal Healing Hoop. It also includes instruction on proper use so that you receive maximum benefit. If you host an event and get at least 6 additional participants, your participation is free.

  • Custom Healing Hoop
  • All hoop materials, including: professional-grade tubing, inter-connector, friction tape, colored tape (decorative glitter tapes
    will be available for a small additional charge) 
  • Select crystals, along with info on what properties they carry 
  • Smudging ceremony to clear negative energy 
  • Ceremony of Intention 
  • Instruction on making a Healing Hoop 
  • Instruction on proper use 
  • A memorable time full of fun and meaning

Each Healing Hoop is made with a combination of cloth friction tape and decorative tape over the plastic tubing. With proper care (i.e. no spinning on pavement) it can last for years. The decorative tape will wear with use, and that’s a good thing, because if you don’t use it enough it will always look pretty, but it won’t be serving its purpose! The more worn it gets, the better you should feel, and it can always be re-decorated. Like Tibetan prayer flags, the more worn, the more it’s sending out to the world.

If you can’t particiate in a workshop but would like a Healing Hoop for yourself or someone special, I’m happy to customize one to your needs.

For additional information please contact Susan.