Healing Hoops

A Healing Hoop is much more than just a hula hoop. Each one is custom made, and in addition to selecting your personal colors and decorative tape, each Healing Hoop is customized with selected crystals, herbs, intention and other meaningful objects that are placed inside to create your own circle of healing & nurturing energy. 

I’ll contact you to help you select the appropriate contents to add, based on your needs and desires, to create your personalized Healing Hoop. For instance, crystals and herbs each have certain healing properties and I’ll help you select the ones that will create the best circle of energy for your personal needs. 

Healing Hoops help to relieve stress, provide exercise, and with every use you’ll be reminded of and surrounded by its positive energy. Using a Healing Hoop can also be a very meditative experience, and each time you use your hoop, not only are you being blessed by the prayers and intentions that were added, but you’re also sending them out into the world. Just watch out for the lamps!

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Goddess Pendants

Goddess Pendants have an adjustable cord and are made of lead-free pewter. They each have a saying on the back and you can choose the one you want from the following list at time of order. Just add the desired saying for your Goddess Pendant into the “Seller Comments” at the final checkout:

“Listen to the words of your heart”
“Always be #1 to yourself”
“Don’t postpone joy”
“Ask for what you want”
“Live your life and forget your age”
“Friends are the family we choose”
“No isn’t a bad word”
“Magic happens”
“Power is the ability not to have to please”
“A smile is a curve that sets things straight”
“Well behaved women don’t make history”
“Trust in God she will provide”

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