What Clients Are Saying

“We visit fine spas all over the country and world and have had many fine massage treatments. Susan continues to be our gold standard to which we compare all other treatments.”

Mel & Judy B.

“From the days when I simply hurt, ignored my own needs and lost my spirit, to the time I was critically ill, you have nurtured and healed me with your hands, your heart and your spirit. Not only is your presence a space in which to heal, but also to relax, to laugh, to cry and to learn. Your skill with body work is profound and intuitive; being with you always makes me feel rejuvenated, and a better version of myself. I am privileged to call you healer, but most of all, friend.”

Nancie S.

“There are many wonderful and gifted massage therapists in New Hampshire but one practitioner stands out for me. Susan offers a holistic, body, mind and spirit experience that is therapeutic, healing and intuitive. She is a gift I am most grateful for.”

Paul B.

“As someone who has suffered with chronic pain for over a decade, I was desperate to find some relief and instantly realized I had found someone special when I started seeing Susan over three years ago. She found my trouble spots without having to point them out and for the first time I actually found some relief from my pain. Not only is she a great technician, she creates a soothing, peaceful atmosphere connecting mind and body.”

Pat B.